Sunday 7 – Pink Thinking & how to wear it

Mar 3rd, 2019 Sunday 7 Bean 21 min read

[AD –  some affiliate links have been used in this blogpost] Hello! How’s your week been? It’s March already guys! That makes me happy. How about you? Thank you so much to everyone who popped over last week and left a comment: I don’t know exactly what it is about blog comments specifically, but they’re just the best! Today I’m going to look at one…


Sunday 7 – Springtime Essentials

Feb 24th, 2019 Sunday 7 Bean 21 min read

[AD -affiliate links have been used in this post] Hello! How are you all? It’s been aaaages (…well, 2 weeks!) which I must apologise for, but sometimes, real life – aka decorating / mothering-duties of very poorly, croupy kid – kind of take over sometimes. I reckon there’s at least 15 of you by now, who read my blog regularly… so… hope you can forgive…


Sunday 7 – Cheap Treats (Feb 19)

Feb 3rd, 2019 Sunday 7 Bean 15 min read

[AD – some (about half) affiliate links have been used in this blogpost.] Hello, How’s your week been? Aside from the inevitable minor dramas which, when living in England, go hand-in-hand with a wee dusting of snow… not much going on here at Chez Threads this past week. We may have finally, finally… like… f.i.n.a.l.l.y. said goodbye to January, but the ‘hangover’ of fatigue from what…


Sunday 7 – A Topshop Edit, January 2019

Jan 27th, 2019 Sunday 7 Bean 24 min read

[AD: affiliate links have been used in this blogpost; although to date, I am still approximately $9,999,947 shy of buying that retirement home in the Caribbean I have my eye on.] … Hello, How are you all doing on this fine, freezing cold, 97th day of January…?! It sure is the longest month, E.V.E.R. And yet… we are almost there guys. Almost. I’ve decided to do…


Sunday 7 – Minimal-ish New Year, New-in Styles

Jan 13th, 2019 Sunday 7 Bean 19 min read

Hello! And belated Happy New Year (which feels like donkeys ago now, doesn’t it?) I’m not going to mull over the festive break… just to say it was a good, long, restful one & hope yours was good too? There’s an awful lot going on at home here at Chez Threads, a transitional period between the end of one chapter, though the page has not…


Sunday 7 – The Patterned Knit Edit

Nov 4th, 2018 Sunday 7 Bean 19 min read

Hello, And welcome back to a clothing Sunday 7 – after last week’s Gallery Wall With Hidden Meaning Sunday Blog! It’s been half term here, and the older boy’s birthday (the day before) Halloween, so things have been pretty hectic here in the Threads household. So much so, that I’ve pretty much worn jeans with my new Samsoe & Samsoe Fabrizia Sweater for a full week and…


Sunday 7 – Cosy Cashmere Edit

Oct 21st, 2018 Sunday 7 Bean 19 min read

Hello, And welcome to a normal, non-ranty, non-meltdown, Sunday 7! I received a great many comments (mainly over on my Instagram post, as well as a fair few direct messages and a couple of comments on the blog) after last week’s ‘to blog or not’ given I am a guilty party in apparently ‘promoting’ fast fashion brands via this blog. More on that at the end. Back…


Sunday 7 – Slinky Satin Edit

Oct 14th, 2018 Small Talk, Sunday 7 Bean 19 min read

Hello, Welcome to another Sunday 7 – possibly the hardest one I’ve compiled to date. And by hardest, I mean, most difficult… I feel somewhat sombre and heavy-hearted in the knowledge that I am a teeny-tiny cog in the massive machine that has contributed to the awful environmental destruction of our planet. All in the name of fashion FFS. Utterly ridiculous! Before I launch into…


Sunday 7 – A/W 18 Checks and Tartan Edit

Oct 7th, 2018 Sunday 7 Bean 17 min read

Hello, And welcome to another Sunday 7. I’m looking at checks and tartan print this week, which are meant to be ‘big’ this autumn/winter… {… although, when have they ever *not* been big during autumn-winter?!} Whilst I normally shy away from animal print and large florals… checks and tartan are a firm favourite for me. Here’s what I’ve picked this week: 7. H&M – Checked…


Sunday 7 – Getting Autumn Ready

Sep 23rd, 2018 Sunday 7 Bean 19 min read

Hello! How’s your week been? I’ve spent most of it up to my eye balls in paint: egg-shell and the regular wall stuff… what ever it’s called?! Oh and wall-papering. And as such, I am very tired. Right through to the marrow of my porous, brittle, little bones. But there’s always time for a quick fashion scroll of an evening, not matter how bloody-shot and…