Spotlight: Tilly Sveaas Jewellery

Jan 16th, 2018 Small Talk Bean 12 min read

Hello there, and welcome to a cheeky little mid-week, *spotlight* blog post. Today I’m talking bling. Tilly Sveaas Jewellery to be exact. Let me rephrase that… gorgeous, gorgeous, Tilly Sveaas Jewellery! I’ve been following Tilly Sveaas’ Instagram for over a year now, lusting after various necklaces in the main, as well as the odd bracelet. But, as ever, I’ve been my usual indecisive self, and…


Sunday 7 – For now, For Spring

Jan 14th, 2018 Small Talk Bean 26 min read

Hello! How are you all doing this week? For me, this week has *got* to have been one of the loooooongest weeks e.v.e.r. I don’t know what it was given the weather wasn’t super terrible, and nothing in particular happened which I can think of that made the week awful… but boy did it drag. The relief when Friday evening came round was simply enormous!…


Sunday 7 – New Year’s New In

Jan 7th, 2018 Small Talk, Sunday 7 Bean 23 min read

Hello! And welcome to the first Sunday 7 of 2018 – and a belated – Happy New Year! I had a very quiet xmas break; which, after the past six months of renovations, was frankly, just what the doctor ordered. Although… I’ve hardly slept over the past two weeks – we’ve finally been able to move in to our new bedroom and whether it’s too…

xmas-wishlist-header copy

Sunday 7 – A Modest Christmas Wish List

Dec 17th, 2017 Small Talk Bean 10 min read

Hello! And welcome to my last Sunday 7 of 2017. I haven’t managed a Sunday 7 for the past couple of weeks due to our home renovations reaching a head, as well as the fact that we’re into that somewhat frenetic period in the lead up to D-day with school Nativity plays, Carol Services not to mention the two separate family Christmases I’ve already had with my…


Spot light: Becky Pearce Designs, Handcrafted Jewellery

Dec 12th, 2017 Small Talk Bean 12 min read

Hello! And welcome to another mid-week ‘spot-light’ blog post, which comes in the form of an interview I did recently with my lovely insta-buddy, Becky Pearce who designs and hand makes jewellery to order. I’ve been following Becky on Instagram for over a year now, and although I feel like I gotten to know Becky pretty well, especially after last year’s month long ‘meet the maker’…


Spotlight: Grace Boots, Seven Boot Lane & an exclusive discount code

Dec 6th, 2017 Small Talk Bean 12 min read

Hello! And welcome to a little mid-week blog post all about these gorgeous Grace Boots from Seven Boot Lane:If you are a fashion blog follower, then chances are you’ve already heard of Seven Boot Lane (SBL), as they are a bit of a bloggers-fav. In fact, I first came across SBL a couple of years ago, in this blog post from Fran Bacon (the Fashion Lift) and…


Sunday 7 – Small Business Saturday

Nov 26th, 2017 Small Talk Bean 22 min read

Hello! How are you all? Are you Black Friday ‘discounted’ out? I am. I absolutely, 100% L.O.V.E. a bargain – I mean, who doesn’t? But… I think I’ve mentioned previously about my frustrations with sales here in this No Sales Here blog post as well as last year’s One and Only Black Friday Purchase. The reality for me is this: I am a stay at…


Sunday 7 – La Redoute Interiors Edit

Nov 19th, 2017 Small Talk Bean 16 min read

Hello! And welcome to a slightly off-piste edition of Sunday 7: my recent La Redoute home accessories purchases. You all know I’m having some renovations done at home, don’t you? I mean I *think* I’ve mentioned it a couple of times…? OK, OK, I mention it every bloomin’ week! Anyway, I suppose I should be apologising for not bringing you my latest clothing fashion crushes…


Coats- Tried and Tested for Petites

Nov 15th, 2017 Small Talk Bean 19 min read

Hello & welcome to a cheeky mid-week blog post! So… as Autumn’s winding down and the colder winter months are pretty much upon us, I’ve been looking to add to my coat collection. Primarily a smarter mid-length, or longer line coat and so over the past few weeks, I’ve been popping into stores to try on coats & thought I’d share my findings about over all fit…


Sunday 7 – Velvet Heaven

Nov 12th, 2017 Small Talk Bean 22 min read

Hello! How’s your week been? Well, it’s actually the past two weeks, given I had a much needed weekend off… I’ve been on a very bumpy ride on the ‘parent rollercoaster’ this week, with a very, very poorly small child, but all is good now. So, from the title of this post, you’ve probably guessed I’m looking at all things velvet this week and having missed last…